DICE (Diversité et identité culturelle en Europe / Diversitate şi identitate culturală în Europa)


ISSN: 2067 - 0931

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About the journal

Our journal is dedicated to the European Cultural Dialogue, with reference to universality, publishing analyses regarding connections between particular and general, individual and collective, local and universal thinking, language, attitudes, behaviors, creation, and concrete action. The sections of each book entail different aspects of these topics:

  • ideological, political, socio-economic, educational fundamentals of global and European cultural dialogue;
  • cultural identity vs multilingualism; minority languages/ national languages/ official languages/ universal languages; diachronic and synchronic elements in cultural, linguistic contacts;
  • alterity theories and practices, mentality evolution, institutionalized culture in the connection "Localism – Europeanism - Globalism";
  • affiliations, inter-influences, particular representations of literary trends, schools, international trends in literature, art, science, religion, education, etc.
  • distribution in space and time of certain themes, styles, creation techniques of traditional and modern culture of peoples.

Frecvency: 2 issues per year.



Editorial board


Prof. univ. dr. Petre Gheorghe Bârlea - Universitatea „Ovidius" Constanţa - Redactor-şef 
Prof. univ. dr. Libuše Valentová - Universitatea „Carol al IV-lea" Praga - Republica Cehă 
Prof. univ. dr. Lucian Chişu - Institutul „George Călinescu" al Academie Române
                                        - Muzeul Naţional al Literaturii Române Bucureşti 
Lector univ. dr. Roxana-Magdalena Bârlea - Academia de Studii Economice Bucureşti
Prof. univ. dr. Cécile Vilvandre de Sousa - Universidad "Castilla-La Mancha", Ciudad Real, España
Prof. univ. dr. Emmanuelle Danblon, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université d'Europe, Belgique.

Secretar de redacţie: Constantin-Georgel Stoica
Tehnoredactare: Constantin-Georgel Stoica, Mihai Cuciureanu



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Editura Muzeului National al Literaturii Romane

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