Submission guidelines for authors


Technical conditions

Our publication generally follows the usual rules of academic publishing. To ensure graphical unity the publishing house is entitled to make small formal changes.

  • Application deadline of the suggested materials for publishing:
    - 30th of March – for Issue no. 1; 30th of September– for Issue No. 2 of each year
  • Writing languages
    - Text: in French or English
    - Abstract (max. 100 words) and keywords (max.5) should be written in English or French
  • Dimensions
    - We accept studies and articles of maximum 15 pages, at TNR, 12, 1.5 spacing (approx. 40.000 characters)
  • Formatting and page setup guidelines
    - Title in All Caps, 16, Regular, Bold, and Centered
    - Forename and SURNAME at 14, regular, right alignment, under the title
    - Author's institution at 14, regular, right alignment, under the name
    - Personal e-mail address at 14, regular, right alignment, under the institution name
    - Abstract and keywords will appear in successive order, entitled as such, with one row spacing, after the identification data
    - Quotes in italic, between inverted commas and with reference. If the quote is longer than 1 row, it will be inserted in a new paragraph
    - Bibliographic references can appear in footnote: A. Coulon, 1993, p. 42.
    - Final bibliographic references will follow the APA system:
      COULON, Alain, 1993, L'Ethnomethodologie, Paris: PUF.
      PINKER, S.; PRINCE, A., 1996, "The nature of human concepts", in: Communication and  Cognition, 29, pp. 307-361.
      Images, tables, graphics, must follow the copyright legislation in case of assumption   and resolution conditions (300 ppi) and dimensions/framing in the text
  • Submission
    Contributions should be sent by e-mail, in Microsoft Word format and PDF at the following 
    e-mail addresses: