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The Journal   Scientific Papers Series „Management, Economic Engineering  and Rural Development"  was created in the year 2001, after the foundation of the Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development, according  to Government Decision No. 94/8  February 2000 within  the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest Romania.

Starting from the year 2009, the Journal "Scientific Papers Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development" appears under the title Scientific Papers Series „Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development"  and has three issues.

Starting from the year 2012, the Journal has 4 releases in the following months: April, June, October and December. It aims is to diseminate the most important research results in the field  of economic engineering in agriculture, agricultural management, marketing and agrifood trade, rural economy and agricultural policies, accounting, financial analysis in agricultural holdings, agrarian legislation, durable development of rural areas, environment protection and economy, financing, rural tourism, agricultural extension and other areas connected to agriculture and rural development.

The scientific papers set up by various  authors both from Romania and abroad,  presented on the occasion  of different symposia organized at national level ( 2001-2004) and at international level starting from the year 2005, have been annually published in this Journal.

At the beginning, the full papers were published in Romanian, but after the year 2006 till present , all the papers  have been entirely published in English. The quality of the published articles is assured by the peer-reviewing process supported by expert evaluators both from the country and abroad, as well as by the Editorial Board which consists of  recognized personalities  with a long experience and high competence for each research field.  The Journal  encourages  the elaboration  and publication of original papers, with a substantial  scientific content, of high theoretical  and practical value, bringing an important contribution  to the scientific knowledge in the approached field.

During the first three years from its foundation ( 2001-2003), the journal was published   by the Publishing House  of the University  of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, but starting from the year 2004 till present, the full papers are published in this journal  by various publishing houses recognized by  National Council of  Scientific Research in Higher Education such as: CERES Publishing House (2004), DOMINOR Publishing House (2005, 2007-2009), Cartea universitara Publishing House (2007) and RAWEX-COMS DOMINOR Publishing House (2010). Starting from the year 2008, the journal  „Scientific Papers Series Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development"    is  classified    in  B category by National Council of  Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS).

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