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  • Revistă: Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Series IV: Philology and Cultural Studies
  • Editură Transilvania University Press, Brasov, Romania
  • Redactor şef Mariela Ilie Pavalache
  • ISSN 2066-768X
  • eISSN 2066-7698
  • Data ultimului număr 31 Dec 2019
  • Data urmatorului număr 31 Dec 2020

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The journal aims to offer an efficient framework of analysis as well as of communication between Romanian and international research in the field of Humanities. It also sets a series of high academic standards (by the peer-reviewing process, specialised scientific committee, English language abstracts and articles), supporting the connections between Romanian research in the field of Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies, and the international mainstream academic publishing.

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The Bulletin of Transilvania University of Brasov. Series IV: Philology and Cultural Studies is an academic journal, specialised in publishing scientific papers in the fields of Language, Literary, and Cultural Studies. The authors are both Romanian and foreign scholars who have made a contribution in these fields. The journal uses academic standards – MLA style of reference, double blind peer-review and language reviews. The journal has both a printed and an electronic version, also offering an online archive of abstracts. The main language of the journal is English but since 2009, a series of articles written in French and German have also been accepted. All abstracts and keywords are written in English.

Contact Contact

Bulletin of Transilvania University of Brasov uses Open Journal System for management of submissions. Authors are requested to submit their paper electronically by using the system available here:

For further communication please contact:

Senior Editor for Series IV: Rodica Ilie, Professor, PhD (

Secretary of the Editorial Board: Cristina Silvia Valcea, Lecturer, PhD (

ADDRESS: Faculty of Letters, Transilvania University, Brașov, Eroilor 25, Brașov, Romania

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