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Ecological niche of plant pathogens 3-21E. FodorGenetic diversity and differentiation through isozymes in natural populations of Pinus wallichiana A.B. Jacks (Blue Pine) in India 23-37M. Bakshi, M. KonnertProvenance variation in cone, seed and seedling characteristics in natural populations of Pinus wallichiana A.B. Jacks (Blue Pine) in India 39-55K. Rawat, M. BakshiMycorrhizal status of several Quercus species in Romania (Quercus cerris, Q. frainetto, Q. robur) and the optimization perspective of growth conditions for in vitro propagated plants transplanted in the field 57-71E. Fodor, A. Timofte, T. GeambasuPhytosociological studies of the forests with sessile oak and Norway spruce from South-Eastern Transylvania 73-88A. Indreica, M. KelemenForest structure, diversity and soil properties in a dry tropical forest in Rajasthan, Western India 89-98J.I. Nirmal Kumar, K. Patel, R.N. Kumar, R. Kumar BhoiElliptic Fourier analysis of crown shapes in Quercus petraea trees 99-117O. HarutaModeling the travel distances of debris flows and debris slides: quantifying hillside morphology 119-134B. Strimbu