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EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCHES REGARDING THE QUALITATIVE BAKERY ANALYSIS USING THE FALLING INDEX FOR SOME ROMANIAN PRODUCTION WHEAT FLOURS The most important enzymes on the wheat flour are the  - amylase and the  - amylase. These enzymes hydrolyses the starch leading to formation of maltose feeding the fermentation process during the technological process of baking, ensuring the production on final products with the appropriate volume and porosity. In the normal flour the  - amylase is located in a relatively low content; the flour extraction has a higher content of  - amylase grater degree than those with lower extraction.  - amylase activity in flour is assessed in the laboratory, using the falling index method Hagberg (Falling number). Evaluation is based on the reduction of gel viscosity by thermal processing of a suspension of flour in water,  - amylase activity is more intense. It is determined the time needed to drop a certain distance, of one metal rods provided at one end with a rose placed in the gel prepared under specified condition,measured in seconds. In the present paper are presented the experimental results regarding the falling index Hagberg, for three wheat flour types produced by Spicul S.A., Rosiori de Vede, from 2008 production, obtained with a device type Falling number, Sadkiewicz. The determinations was made in the specialized laboratory of the Department of Biotehnic Systems from Polytechnic University of Bucharest. The measurements, made at an interval of one week showed a relatively significant decrease of falling indices Hagberg for all three types of flour. This shows a change in the enzymatic activity to increase the length of the storage time by reducing theweight of starch in flour. The research is important for the specialists, regarding the adjustment of the extraction degree desired to mill or to determine corrections of  - amylase flour to be made in the bakery technology to obtain qualitative products
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Revista a fost fondata in anul 2000 cand a aparut sub denumirea de LUCRARI STIINTIFICE (INMATEH), ISSN 1583 - 1019, ca urmare a necesitatii largirii spectrului de comunicare si difuzare a rezultatelor cercetarilor stiintifice si este editata de Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Masini si Instalatii destinate Agriculturii si Industriei Alimentare - INMA din Bucuresti. Incepand cu vol. 30, nr. 1/2010, revista si-a schimbat denumirea in INMATEH - Agricultural Engineering aparand atat in format print (ISSN 2068 - 4215) cat si online (ISSN online: 2068 - 2239). Revista apare bilingv, in limbile romana si engleza, cu o ritmicitate de 3 numere/an: ianuarie-aprilie, mai-august, septembrie-decembrie si este recunoscuta de catre CNCSIS - categoria B+. Articolele publicate sunt din domeniul INGINERIEI AGRICOLE: tehnologii si echipamente tehnice pentru agricultura si industrie alimentara, agricultura ecologica, energii regenerabile, testare echipamente tehnice, mediu, transport in agricultura etc. si sunt evaluate de catre specialisti din tara si strainatate,  in domeniile mentionate

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