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RESEARCH REGARDING REDUCTION OF THE ENERGETIC CONSUMPTION AND PRESERVATION OF THE AGRO PRODUCTIVE POTENTIAL OF THE SOILS CULTIVATED WITH VEGETABLES BY USING A COMPLEX AGGREGATE A CEEX research-development project accomplished by the SCDL Buzau collective, among the others objectives has included an experimental model of a complex aggregate that execute in one step the preparing of germinative bed, open the ditches, administering fertilizers and sowing of the vegetable cultures in the spring time of the ploughed in autumn soils. The device used by the complex aggregate is made of a dismountable crankshaft that is drive from the synchron power take-off shaft and put in oscillatory movement tillers articulate mounted with parallelogrammechanisms. On the inferior bar of the parallelogram mechanisms there are mounted blades at a 45 degree angle with a help of a special clamping devices. The blades are distributed so that they cover the whole area on the furrow of 900 mm. The target of the preparing germinative bed section was to aimed to crumble, aerate the soil and destroy the weeds fromthe soil in the spring time. The section was not stuff up with the soil, which was our main fear. Assemblage of devices for opening the ditches, modeling, administering starter fertilizers and sowing it wasn’t a problem because all of them were made in serialized manufacture at MAT Craiova plant. The aggregate is mainly recommended for small and medium farm. The tests have been made in the spring time on soils ploughed in autumn that have been macerated by the frost.
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Revista a fost fondata in anul 2000 cand a aparut sub denumirea de LUCRARI STIINTIFICE (INMATEH), ISSN 1583 - 1019, ca urmare a necesitatii largirii spectrului de comunicare si difuzare a rezultatelor cercetarilor stiintifice si este editata de Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Masini si Instalatii destinate Agriculturii si Industriei Alimentare - INMA din Bucuresti. Incepand cu vol. 30, nr. 1/2010, revista si-a schimbat denumirea in INMATEH - Agricultural Engineering aparand atat in format print (ISSN 2068 - 4215) cat si online (ISSN online: 2068 - 2239). Revista apare bilingv, in limbile romana si engleza, cu o ritmicitate de 3 numere/an: ianuarie-aprilie, mai-august, septembrie-decembrie si este recunoscuta de catre CNCSIS - categoria B+. Articolele publicate sunt din domeniul INGINERIEI AGRICOLE: tehnologii si echipamente tehnice pentru agricultura si industrie alimentara, agricultura ecologica, energii regenerabile, testare echipamente tehnice, mediu, transport in agricultura etc. si sunt evaluate de catre specialisti din tara si strainatate,  in domeniile mentionate

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