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TECHNOLOGY FOR PROMOTION IN ROMANIA OF ENERGY CROP MISCANTHUS, AS RENEWABLE RESOURCE TO INCREASE ENERGY COMPETITIVENESS IN INDEPENDENCE PURPOSES Crop of Miscanthus can be used to produce electricity and / or thermal power plant both in large (30 MW), which use thousands of tons of biomass annually and in small household systems that use several tons, during the winter months. By using Miscanthus's combustion process, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced and the methane released from landfills are removed. Given the novelty of established Miscanthus crop and agro-technical requirements, imposed on planting Miscanthus rhizomes depending on soil conditions and climate in our country there is in manufacturing a machine that meets these requirements, for which the INMA developed a project execution, after which he executed and tested a model of Miscanthus rhizomes Planter (MPM 4). If harvesting technology directly from the feed chain to combine because of specific cultural characteristics of Miscanthus is required equipment that can harvest crops with high waist and full cut (full working width). In our country there are firms forage harvesters Claas (Jaguar), John Deere, New Holland, but are not equipped to meet the requirements of Miscanthus crop harvesting. To solve this problem INMA has designed and developed a model of equipment for harvesting crops with high Miscanthus stems called EPI, which was mounted on the combine harvester towed feed CTF-65. Also, INMA has designed a collection machinery Miscanthus rhizomes, ERR, was in progress of implementation of the experimental model, in order to exploit marketing and ensure rhizomes by genetic material for a new culture
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  • Revistă: INMATEH - Agricultural Engineering
  • Editură INMA Bucuresti
  • Redactor şef Ion Pirna
  • ISSN 2068-4215
  • eISSN 2068-2239
  • Data ultimului număr 31 Aug 2011
  • Data urmatorului număr 31 Dec 2011

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Revista a fost fondata in anul 2000 cand a aparut sub denumirea de LUCRARI STIINTIFICE (INMATEH), ISSN 1583 - 1019, ca urmare a necesitatii largirii spectrului de comunicare si difuzare a rezultatelor cercetarilor stiintifice si este editata de Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Masini si Instalatii destinate Agriculturii si Industriei Alimentare - INMA din Bucuresti. Incepand cu vol. 30, nr. 1/2010, revista si-a schimbat denumirea in INMATEH - Agricultural Engineering aparand atat in format print (ISSN 2068 - 4215) cat si online (ISSN online: 2068 - 2239). Revista apare bilingv, in limbile romana si engleza, cu o ritmicitate de 3 numere/an: ianuarie-aprilie, mai-august, septembrie-decembrie si este recunoscuta de catre CNCSIS - categoria B+. Articolele publicate sunt din domeniul INGINERIEI AGRICOLE: tehnologii si echipamente tehnice pentru agricultura si industrie alimentara, agricultura ecologica, energii regenerabile, testare echipamente tehnice, mediu, transport in agricultura etc. si sunt evaluate de catre specialisti din tara si strainatate,  in domeniile mentionate

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