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This article explores Roberto Saviano's international best-seller

Gomorrah as an "ethnographic novel", an expression that actually turns

upside down and compleme nts the characterization the author himself

suggested for his book as a "literary investigation". The main purpose is

not so much to analyse Saviano's distinctive non-fictional (or blurred)

genre and rhetorical style, but rather to take advant age of his book as a

way to consider how cultural anthropology identifies and constructs its

own research objects. Notably, focusing on the passages in which the

author considers or discusses significant issues such as language, time,

space and knowledge, I argue that Gomorrah represents a chance to reflect

upon how the conventional aims and methods of cultural anthropology

are currently challenged and reorganised under present-day neo-liberal

corporate capitalism. Finally, while most commentators see Gomorrah as

a book about the illegal trafficking of the Neapolitan Mafialike criminal

organization known as "Camorra", this article provocatively suggests

understanding it as an inspired and morally disturbing account of

ourselves.An ethnographically sensitive account exploring both legal and

illegal practices of production, consumption, and circulation of goods and

commodities in which we all are deeply implicated.

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