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Early parenting – strategies, methods and experiential working techniques

Anghel, Elena; pp. 7-12Abstract

Internalizing dimensions profiles of children referred for externalizing behaviours in school psychological services

Quartier, Vincent; Antonietti, Jean-Philippe; Nashat, Sadegh; pp. 13-34Abstract

Integrated education and inclusive education

Ciobanu, Nicoleta; pp. 35-39; Abstract

Students' primary to middle school transition

Bîrle, Delia; Secui, Monica; Curta, Iosif; pp. 40-48; Abstract

Variables involved in the academic performance of primary school children

Bochiș, Laura; Roman, Daniela; Popa, Carmen; pp. 49-67; Abstract

Educational video games revisited: Perspectives from parents, gamers, and specialists

Drugaș, Marius; Ciordaș, Daniel; pp. 68-82; Abstract

The study of aggression and anxiety at patients diagnosed with diabetes

Dindelegan, Camelia; pp. 83-91; Abstract

Student engagement with school: Conceptual and applicative dimensions

Caranfil, Nicoleta Gianina; Robu, Viorel; pp. 92-114; Abstract