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The resolution of akrasia in education and in clinical application

McMahon, James; pp. 7-12 Abstract

The immersion in computer games

Drugaş, Marius; pp. 13-24 Abstract

Experiential workshop for the development of children's self-esteem

Anghel, Elena; pp. 25-37 Abstract

The impact of incomplete parenting on the development of children's self-esteem

Bonchiş, Elena; Bîrle, Delia; Stan, Rosana; pp. 38-46 Abstract

Adolescents' problems of internalization related to the serial work migrtion of the parents

Secui, Monica; Dindelegan, Camelia; Roman, Daniela; pp. 47-61 Abstract

Education and the new technologies

Aniţei, Mihai; pp. 62-67 Abstract

The holistic paradigm - a methodological mark in the study of professional competence

Botnari, Valentina; pp. 68-72 Abstract

What makes an educational therapy effective? An introduction to the NILD Educational TherapyTM

Jordanidisz, Agnes; pp. 73-80 Abstract

Personality of gifted children

Teleucă, Marcel; pp. 81-95 Abstract

Subjective experience of time, social problem solving skills and emotional response of college students

Roşeanu, Gabriel; Răşcanu, Ruxandra; Marineanu, Corina; pp. 96-104Abstract

The construction of professional identity of Musician students

Popa, Camelia; pp. 104-110 Abstract

Standardization of a Romanian short version of Test Anxiety Inventory - TAI

Robu, Viorel; pp. 111-121 Abstract

Content, shape and generativism in the didactic management of problematic situations

Nicola, Grigore; pp. 122-126 Abstract

The National Conference of School Psychologists (2nd Edition), Băile Felix, October 30-31 2009

Bonchiş, Elena; pp. 129-130