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Editorial. School Psychology in European countries facing economic challenges

Kant-Schpas, Marianne; pp. 7-16; Full text

The importance of health-related rights education for children. Sources and practical aspects in Romania

Csanád, Albert-Lorincz ; pp. 17-28; Abstract

Creativity and coping strategies in high-school students

Atudorei, Anca-Laura; pp. 29-35 Abstract

The assessment of social and emotional competences in adolescents: Constructing and experimenting a multidimensional questionnaire

Tufeanu, Magda; Robu, Viorel; pp. 36-65 Abstract

The role of the school psychologist in the partnership between kindergarten, school and family in Bulgaria

Stoyanova, Stanislava; Stanoeva, Gergana; pp. 66-73 Abstract

Prevention of suicide and attempted suicide in schools

Cornuţiu, Oana; pp. 74-81 Abstract

The Social Adjustment Questionnaire (SAQ): Development and initial validation on a sample of Romanian adolescents

Murariu, Dănuţ; pp. 82-90 Abstract

The role of psychopathological tendencies in the formation of personality of pupils with or without ADHD

Dindelegan, Camelia; pp. 91-101 Abstract

Ethical perspectives in adolescence: Relativism and idealims

Secui, Monica; Huza, Ana; pp. 102-115 Abstract