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Restorative approaches in schools as a possibility for preventative, social, educational and correctional resocialization work

Chankova, Dobrinka; Tsankov, Nikolay; Popova, Elina; pp. 7-15; Abstract

The importance of trait emotional intelligence in students' stress

Balgiu, Beatrice Adriana; pp. 16-26; Abstract

Pastoral counseling of young people with alcohol addiction

Dindelegan, Camelia; Dindelegan, Vasile; Roman, Daniela; pp. 27-49; Abstract

Teachers' education for the inclusion of children with ADHD into mainstream schools

Drugaş, Ioana; Drugaş, Marius; pp. 50-61; Abstract

The role of religious education in the moral development of preschoolers

Santi, Elena-Ancuţa; pp. 62-72; Abstract

Applying interactive whiteboard in IT training - aspects of motivation

Boneva, Ekaterina; Tsankov, Nikolay; pp. 73-80; Abstract

Preschool children's ability to solve conflicts

Bîrle, Delia; Iosif, Natalia; Coita, Cecilia; pp. 81-85; Abstract

Cognitive and metacognitive landmarks in academic learning. A comparative study

Roman, Daniela; pp. 86-93; Abstract

Homeschooling in Romania: A framework for future research

Pătroc, Dan; pp. 94-104; Abstract