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Resources for a better life. Applications of positive psychology in education

Panc, Ioana; pp. 7-20; Abstract

Exploiting digital resources in teaching

Bradea, Adela; pp. 21-29; Abstract

Parents' personal development within the experiential group. Strategies, methods and work techniques

Anghel-Stănilă, Elena; pp. 30-36; Abstract

Assessing public speaking skills of future primary school teachers

Pătroc, Dan; pp. 37-45; Abstract

Von Restorff effect in simultaneous and sequential exposure sessions

Cioara, Marius; Pop, Iulia; Roşeanu, Gabriel; Marian, Mihai; pp. 46-55; Abstract

The impact of workshops on stress and health on the level of wellbeing of adults involved in learning activities

Vintilă, Mona; Vintilă, Sorin; pp. 56-69; Abstract

Counterbalancing language disorders of primary school pupils by role playing

Barth, Karla; Bradea, Adela; pp. 70-77; Abstract

Gender differences in students' perceptions of two academic domains: mathematics and Romanian language and literature

Secui, Monica; Lerinţ, Monica; pp. 78-89; Abstract

The race to reach standards: Are we forgetting about our students?

Laurian-Fitzgerald, Simona; Popa, Carmen; Fitzgerald, Carlton J.; pp. 90-96; Abstract

Predictors of communication competences in adolescence: The role of personality traits

Tufeanu, Magda; pp. 97-108; Abstract

Learning experiences in the university setting. The effectiveness of a training program

Roman, Daniela; pp. 109-118; Abstract

Values, attitudes, and prosocial behavior: Differences between confessions

Stan, Rosana; Jurjac, Evelina; pp. 119-125; Abstract