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The Scientific Journal of the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest Series: Foreign Languages and Communication is published by the Department of Foreign Languages and Communication from the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest, Romania. 
Since its beginnings in 2008, and especially with its New Series starting from 2011, the Scientific Journal has gradually grown in popularity among specialists involved in foreign language teaching and research in various areas such as

  • new trends in translation studies,
  • specialized translation,
  • teaching languages for specific purposes (LSP),
  • teaching methodology,
  • linguistics,
  • cultural studies and
  • intercultural communication.

Contributions focusing on new, cutting-edge topics in close relationship with the constant development of science and technology (such as localization, transcreation, the relationship between the industry and translation, new theoretical trends mirroring these new trends, etc.) are welcome.
The Scientific Journal is an open-access publication aiming to become a far-reaching forum for humanistic debates among academics in Romania and abroad and encourages the participation of young researchers with articles and book reviews covering but not restricted to the topics mentioned above. Contributions are welcome in English, French, German, Spanish.
The Scientific Journal is accessible in print and online form; it is double-blind peer-reviewed in order to ensure that all contributions are considered objectively and equally. Our main purpose is to be the meeting point between experience and the daring youth, between tradition and innovation.
The Scientific Journal is published biannually (no.1 in June, no. 2 in December) and contributions are expected before May 25 and November 25 respectively.

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