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Parenting dimensions, relational models and risk factors

Stan, Sabina-Viorica; pp. 7-16Abstract

Values as predictors for optimism in seniors and school engagement in students

Lupu, Mihaela-Bianca; Drugaș, Marius; Ciaora, Marius; pp. 17-30Abstract

Developing emotional competence in pre-school children

Dindelegan, Camelia; Negrău, Lucia; pp. 31-47; Abstract

The role of optimism and progress towards personal goals on basic psychological needs satisfaction and psychological well-being

Ionescu, Daniela; pp. 48-62; Abstract

Parental experience. Variables related to parenting

Roman, Daniela; Coturbaș, Lioara; Iancău, Denisa; pp. 63-79; Abstract

The perception of the Romanian college students toward the national and the European identity

Secui, Monica; Bîrle, Delia; Panc, Ioana Raluca; pp. 80-89; Abstract