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On open access, Thomson Reuters, and publishing pressures for the editors of small journals

Drugas, Marius; pp. 7-12 Abstract

Self-reported anger episodes in Romanian children, adolescents, and adults

Kassinove, Howard; Broll-Barone, Bruno; pp. 13-29 Abstract

Career decision difficulties. The effectiveness of a training program

Perţe, Andra; Pătroc, Dan; pp. 30-42 Abstract

The concept-event pair competence - competency in education sciences

Tsankov, Nikolay Sashkov; pp. 43-52 Abstract

Educational valences of personal development experiential group for parents and pre-school children

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Tolerance for ambiguity and creativity. Research on Romanian students at the Polytechnic University

Balgiu, Beatrice Adriana; pp. 63-74 Abstract

Games and exercises in the form of games used in therapy and the development of neropsychological and cognitive processes of dyslexic and dysgraphic children

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Linguistic competence: Psychopedagogical and psycholinguistic approaches

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The development of inter-modal perception in the case of children with learning difficulties

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